Randy Dod

Randy is the Training Guru at TeamUnify and has been with the team for five years making him the most senior support agent. When not working to produce world class training content for our wonderful administrators, coaches, and parents, Randy enjoys outdoor Photography and volunteering at his local church.

Athlete registrations are essential to your team, and our goal here at TeamUnify is to make this process easy as possible for both team Administrators and Parents.

As we get closer and closer to 2016 TeamUnify is here to help you make the transition. USA Swimming requires a USA Swimming registration for all athletes competing in USA Swimming sanctioned meets. So, to help our coaches and administrators out, we have added a great new feature to visually see who is registered and who is not with USA Swimming in 2016.

Meet Day is a hectic time, for sure: bewildered volunteers scrambling to keep up with the lines, 8 & Unders chasing each other across the deck, not to mention that thunderstorm looming in the distance. Let TeamUnify's OnDeck bring order to the chaos that is Meet Day.