- Todd  Pfeiffer of the Heritage Hills Recreation Club

When we signed up for TeamUnify we wanted a software that would help manage our swim team, but we didn’t realize it would also help us to manage the entire Heritage Hills Recreation Club

Apr 6, 2015 TeamUnify

Your Team Profile doesn’t just save your address, it also holds many features to help you customize your team. You can create

Your registration system is a critical part of your team, and being notified when you have new registrations helps keep you organized and connected. Have your notifications instantly emailed to select email addresses or

Running a swim team is definitely not a one person job. TeamUnify has made it easy for you to add admins to your site to help you

Teams are adopting the online registration process at an exciting rate. With that in mind, we recently added the ability to collect all the information that is needed for the USA Swimming registration process directly in online registration. By activating this feature for your team, you will automatically create a more complete registration package to deliver to your LSC. This will minimize the effort for you as an administrator. 

Creating jobs and filling them has never been easier with TeamUnify’s job module.  You will get prefilled job templates, email templates, the ability to find families who have not signed up for a job, and a whole lot more.  

Registration can be one of the most hectic times of year, however by leveraging Online Registration your program can streamline this process.

Our Help & Training tools is now much easier to access but do you know how it works?  Watch Help & Training Tools - 101 for a quick tour.

TULessons has lots of great options for running a successful lesson program and because we love automation, we pumped the lessons module full of it!