Mar 22, 2017 Liz Fizer

Did you know that your team can utilize TeamUnify's Billing and Invoicing system for FREE?

Do you bill the meet fees for your team? If you do, make sure you read this blog! TeamUnify has released an all new way to generate and bill your meet fees in one simple to use interface that you are going to love.

We are excited to announce that, in continuing partnership with the YMCA of the USA, YMCA Deck Pass is now available in the OnDeck mobile application.

– Paul McGregor, Club Administrator, Swim Bournemouth

Before TeamUnify

Before we started using TeamUnify all our processes, membership, meet entries, coaches records, swimmer attendance and club communication were managed using a variety of different systems, none of which were integrated in anyway. No one process was joined up, which meant a huge amount of duplication, which was very labour intensive and prone to error.

In the most recent release of OnDeck, we are excited to announce that, not only can parents and non-admins commit their athletes to meets, but they can also commit them to Yes/No events!

One of the biggest challenges any team faces is producing effective communication and getting it to your legion of athletes, parents, volunteers, and coaches at the right time effectively and efficiently. 

– John Digby, Head Coach Norwich Swan Swimming Club

Before TeamUnify

Before TeamUnify, our website was based on Joomla CMS and we had customised it to fit our needs as a swimming club — building our own database of swimmer times, and using attendance registers coded by a volunteer parent. The Joomla system was providing our membership database, and we were accessing that in a myriad of ways. It was quite advanced, but cumbersome and taking a lot of time to maintain; our registration system was unable to handle the increased number of swimmers in our squads.

We were looking for a way to handle online entry to galas, like all clubs desperate to find a better way of handling paper entries, but that was beyond our skill set. 

Wow, is all we can say. In 2016, teams reached an all new gross money raised with the TeamUnify TUMoney platform, a staggering $7.1 million in fundraising events and $5,351,312 with USA Swimming Foundation Swim-A-Thons. TeamUnify teams have raised over $28,000,000 using the TUMoney platform since its inception.

Highly requested, your team's next online registration is about to get even better with a brand new look and...wait for is now mobile optimized! With an ever growing mobile user base, TeamUnify is here to help you to retain and grow your team with a more streamlined and accessible way for families to register for your team.

Jan 4, 2017 Andrew Herr