6 TeamUnify Report Updates That Make Your Job Easier

6 TeamUnify Report Updates That Make Your Job Easier

Team reports can really help administrators and coaches to stay on top of many aspects of their team management. From top times reporting and registration sign ups, to billing information and meet entry reports. Over the last year we have updated a few reports that we think your team will find really handy.

New High Points Report

Want a report to see who your top point earners are on your team for the season, for the year, or all time? We have added a great report to Time Reports called the High Points Report. It shows athletes point accumulations ranked from highest to lowest for a given time period. To run this report, in the side menu click Team Admin > Time Reports, then click High Points Report.


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Registration Excel Export

In Online Registration you have always had the ability to export registration data to Excel. Now included in every row is the Account First Name, Account Last Name, Account Email, and Address making it easier to decipher member and account information when sorting or filtering the data.


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Single Meet Improvement Report

When you access the Single Meet Improvement report via Team Admin > Time Reports, you will find three new customizable features. They are all found in the new Display Options section at the bottom.

  • Show % displays the percentage improvement. It is now off by default for a less cluttered report.
  • Show Cells displays spreadsheet grid lines. It is off by default for a cleaner look.
  • Standard lets you compare with a selected time standard. As in other reports, you can Show ONLY Matches or Exceeds a selected designator from the time standard.


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Top Times Report

When you generate a Top Times Report by Event or Athlete, you can now include splits if desired, either as cumulative or lap times. To generate a Top Times Report, follow these steps:

  • In the side menu click Team Admin > Time Reports.
  • Click either Top Times By Events or Top Times By Athletes. This will open a new window.
  • Click the Include Splits dropdown and select either Cumulative (Running) or Subtractive (Lap) to see these included in the results.
  • If you want to see all the results for a certain meet with splits (Top Times by Event only), select the desired meet in the Meet Name dropdown, above the Include Splits dropdown set the Show Top __ Entries field to blank, and uncheck Show At Most One Athlete per Event.
  • Make any other selections and click Report Now! which will produce the report and give you exporting options. If a time has splits, they will appear in a separate row in light gray.


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Manage Registration Export

When you click Export ALL Registered & Financial or Excel in Manage Registration, you will now see Registration Excel window that allows you to select which fields to include in the spreadsheet. This is very similar to the dialog presented when you generate a Custom Excel Export in Account/Member Admin.


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Top Times Spreadsheet

When you generate a Top Times Spreadsheet and select a Standard, you can now include all athletes whether or not they met any of the designators in the Standard. You have three options in the Show ONLY Matches or Exceeds drop down in conjunction with a Standard:

  • --ANY Designator-- (default): Include athletes who meet or exceed any of the designators in the Standard, such as AA and B.
  • --Show All--: Include all athletes whether they met any of the designators or not.
  • Single designator, such as BB: Only include athletes whose times meet the designator you selected.


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