6 Best Practices of a TU Administrator Who Took Her Team's Aging Report from 10% to 2%

6 Best Practices of a TU Administrator Who Took Her Team's Aging Report from 10% to 2%

Every day administrators and coaches are working with the TeamUnify billing system to effectively and efficiently run and manage their team's billing. One of our administrators from Lakeside Aquatics in Texas shared with us how she has taken control of her team's billing using our online payment processing system, TUPayments, and we wanted to share these helpful tips. 

Here is what she had to say:

I took over a very large swim team, and in a few months, I was really able to get our aging under control. Some "best practices" I've employed using TeamUnify:



EVERY new member gets the "how to set up autopay" email 


Quarterly, every member without autopay gets the "how to set up autopay" email 


I review the "expiring credit cards" report monthly, and send out a reminder email to all members whose cards are set to expire, asking them to enter a new card before the next billing cycle 


I send out "billing summary" emails in ADVANCE of the billing cycle 


I email invoices to all accounts that pay by check on the 1st 


I search/filter by "autopay" and "balance due" after the 1st to get a list of all members whose cards were denied, etc. and email them all to update their cards 


My aging report has gone from nearly 10% of our team being overdue, to less than 2% in just a few months of doing these things.

Thanks, TU!

Pam Glynn


There are a few other ways in which teams can use the TeamUnify billing system to capture payments on time and decrease their aging reports.

  • Allow parent OnDemand payments
  • Turn off the ability for accounts to pay by check
  • Require a method of payment on file to declare for a meet
  • Capture payment information with registration
  • and more...view our TUPayment Start Up Guide to learn more

If you have not supercharged your TeamUnify billing system with TUPayments yet learn more here!


TeamUnify makes it easy to wear all the hats of swim team management. We are excited to see administrators taking advantage of the system and sharing their successes with us. If you have your own success or story you would like to tell us please send an email to marketing@teamunify.com and let us know how TeamUnify has helped your team.

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