A World Class Billing System That Generates Invoices While You Sleep

May 5, 2014 Dan Drum

A World Class Billing System That Generates Invoices While You Sleep

For all TeamUnify teams on the SwimOffice platform, the billing system is there for both administrators and families to make sure that the financial side of things are on track. This allows teams to focus on the competitive side of the sport and not get hung up on the billing. Hazel Torrez with Whittier Aquatic Club in Whittier, CA realized this could provide tremendous benefit and attended a live billing Webinar to learn more about this feature. After a successful overview Webinar, a few questions came up. One question was about adding multiple recurring fees; more specifically Additional Per Member Charges. Hazel had successfully put in recurring monthly dues, added members to billing and sub-billing groups, but she was wondering where to put in an Annual Registration Fee. After some quick help from her Customer Success Rep, pointing her in the right direction, she was able to add additional per member charges with ease.  

TeamUnify's SwimOffice Billing System

With the ability to also set up automatic late charges in SwimOffice, Hazel took this opportunity to encourage prompt payments. With everything finalized, Whittier Aquatic Club is all set for invoices to be automatically generated monthly while everyone is sound asleep. Hazel can also direct each family to their own secure private online account to track their financial status.

TeamUnify Billing System in SwimOffice

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