Account Member Admin - Improved Swim Team Management

Account Member Admin - Improved Swim Team Management

We’re listening.

Earlier this year we introduced a major change by enabling a beta version of our brand new Account Member Admin interface. Thousands of you took the opportunity to utilize this new interface, and to provide valuable feedback to us. For that we are thankful. We love building tools for you, as requested by you, and for the specific needs you have.

You wanted more.

We strive each and every day to produce a product that solves real needs. This is why we try to instill a culture of listening, and of working with you to reach a common goal. With the latest version of the Account Member Admin we feel we have improved, and have reached the goal we had strived for.

The improvements are astounding. Here are the top four improvements you will experience with the new Account Member Admin (AMA).

  1. Ease of Use. Our goal with the new AMA was to make it easier for you to get your job done. We understand that change is difficult, and have worked to ensure that the new AMA is as intuitive as possible. You can also easily find the provided in-page tutorials, and guides, to assist in your learning of this updated interface. Sign up for our webinar now to see an overview of the new AMA.

  2. Speed. One of the biggest challenges handed to us by you was to improve the performance of Account Member Admin. You told us you are busy, and need things to load fast, so we listened. From our internal testing, we have seen speed improvements on the average of 2x over the previous AMA. Actual times will vary, but we are excited about what we see.

  3. Mobile First. We live in a society on the go, so we built the Account Member Admin to accomodate that. Next time you login on your smartphone or tablet, and click on Account Member Admin, you will be taken to a completely mobile optimized experience. Get your work done, and just tap the menu icon to return to your team’s homepage.

  4. Customizable. Every single user has slightly different needs, so instead of defining one specific layout or view, we have made it entirely customizable using filters and columns of data. For example, filter your accounts to a specific set of rosters, then customize the columns to show Account name, email address, number of active members, and last login date. Then save that view and easily come back to it anytime - without repeating your search.

Just the beginning.

The culmination of our efforts may still be in the future, but that future is bright. Our new Account and Member Admin should whet your appetites for the future of the entire TeamUnify platform.


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