Payment Manager: A Great New Update to Our Credit Card and ACH Payment System

Mar 18, 2016 Andrew Herr

Payment Manager: A Great New Update to Our Credit Card and ACH Payment System

We are proud to announce an all new Credit Card and ACH system in SwimOffice called Payment Manager, available March 22nd. With Payment Manager your team’s payment process is easier to use and more flexible and secure than ever before. Watch the video below to get an overview of the new features.


As a Super User in Billing Setup, you will now find a new Payment Option Settings area. These are global settings that affect all accounts. And rest assured, your current settings and payment methods remain exactly as they were, until a Super User changes them.

In this area you can now take charge of your payment system and apply some TeamUnify best practices like removing the option to pay by check, and requiring a credit card to be on file for on-demand payments.

Here is a look into the new payment manager that your families will find in the My Account > My Account > Payment Setup tab. Super Users can access the same area Team Admin > Account/Member Admin > edit account > Payment Setup tab.


New SwimOffice Super User Features:

  • Remove Option to Pay Manually
  • Require CC on file for OnDemand Charge
  • Disable the "Remove" Card functionality

New Lessons Admin User Features:

  • Remove Option to Pay Manually
  • Remove Option to Pay by CC

New Non-admin Features:

  • Ability to Pay for Registration, TUMoney Donations and Lessons with a Card Previously on File in Their Account
  • New Payment Setup tab
  • Ability to House Multiple Cards on File For:
    • Dues and Fees
    • On Demand Payments
    • Lessons

If your team isn’t taking advantage of TeamUnify electronic payment processing, please contact to learn more about this helpful tool in your SwimOffice billing system. Available in the US and Canada.


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