Apply a Credit Balance During Online Registration

Apply a Credit Balance During Online Registration

If your team is like most, there are times when a family has a credit balance on their account. With our most recent product release, we have made it easier to apply these credits during online registration - automatically.

By enabling the new "Allow Credit Balance to Apply at Checkout" option, your accounts will be able to review their outstanding balance (debit or credit) and proceed to the checkout. If the account has a credit balance, on the "Registration Fees" screen the account will see the "Credit Amount Applied" line-item appear. This balance will be applied automatically to their checkout fee. If the account's credit balance covers the entire registration total, then there will be no balance due from the account to complete their registration. If the credit balance does not cover the total, then the account will be billed for the additional total due at registration. Once complete, the billing system will be updated, and the account balance will reflect the changes.

This new functionality will enable you to spend less time managing your online registration, and more time focusing on your team.


 See our setup FAQ to learn how to enable this feature for your Online Registration!

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