TouchPad Athlete Entries Screen Revamped

Dec 11, 2015 Randy Dod

TouchPad Athlete Entries Screen Revamped

In a variety of areas TouchPad has seen several great UI improvements. We have taken time to redevelop the screen layouts and our most recent adjustment is the Athlete Entries screen. We have thoroughly revamped it and believe you will find it more user friendly and intuitive. 

Athlete Entries allows you to see all athletes and teams entered into a meet, to edit and delete existing athletes, to manually add new athletes, and to enter athletes in and remove them from events.

TouchPad Athlete Entries screen

Just to highlight a few areas:

  1. Search and filter—Use the drop down menus and radio buttons to filter and sort. Use the Athlete Search field to type a name or Code# (seen below in red for each athlete).
  2. Athlete data—Update any existing athlete, or click Add New Athlete and it will blank out the athlete data fields and make Save/Cancel buttons appear so you can enter an athlete who is not in a roster.
  3. Events and navigation—View the highlighted events the athlete is in, delete a time to remove the athlete from an event, enter a time to add them to an event. Selecting Relay under the Entries header will show relay events with the ability to click View or ADD that will bring up the Relay Entries screen.
    Relay events on TouchPad Athlete Entries screen
  4. Reports and help
  5. Enter By EVENT Number—For the athlete currently visible, use this to quickly enter them in one or more events, including an event not listed if they are swimming up an age group. Check Convert Times as entered and you can enter an LCM time, for example, and have it converted to an SCY time.

See TouchPad: Athlete and Relay Entries for more info.


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