Attendance Preferences in OnDeck

Attendance Preferences in OnDeck

OnDeck gives TeamUnify customers extraordinary power to access their team's information anywhere. One of the most highly utilized features is attendance taking and reporting. With OnDeck, coaches have the ability to quickly access, record, and report attendance per swimmer by roster group or by location.

The release of OnDeck 4.0 created an all new and more connected way to take and track attendance. This week we released an update to OnDeck that empowers users to define their own preferences within Attendance.iPhone_white1.jpg

Throughout OnDeck you will find the ability to edit or set preferences by tapping a Gear or a Pencil , most of the time in the top right corner. When you tap the gear in the top right corner of OnDeck, you can set your user default settings for Swimmer default -In/Out and Attendance display - Percent/Count.

When you set the swimmer default to "In" your first tap on a swimmer's attendance status will be to "Out".

When you set your swimmer default to "Out" your first tap will take you to "In"

A few days ago I was talking with a coach about these settings. She really wanted to be able to count how many swimmers were in the water then quickly see a count of how many she had taken attendance for while on the pool deck. If those two numbers matched, attendance was good to go!

If you are like her, we found that the best preference settings to be "Out" and "Count". This way, as you tap a swimmer "In" you will easily see your count number increase at the top of the screen in blue.


Attendance settings can be set any way you want, you can use the defaults, set it up to count like the coach above, or mix and match. We are excited to see how coaches record and deliver new powerful results with the more flexible OnDeck 4.0. There are a few other great updates coming to attendance, so make sure to keep your OnDeck application up-to-date with each new release. 

If you do not yet have the application on your mobile device or need to update click below to download from your device's store.

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