Amanda Studdard

Amanda is a Customer Success Master. She joined the TU team in early 2011 and made her foray into the apparel department later that same year. Amanda began her water sports career at the age of three and after quite a long hiatus from competition joined her high school water polo and swim teams. Water polo became her true passion and she played and coached during her tenure as a Romance Languages student at the University of Oregon (The Ducks not The Beavers). When Amanda is not contemplating how to better help team administrators, she enjoys all manor of outdoor activities. Her current passion is skating on two of Bend’s local women’s flat track roller derby teams. Anya, as she is known on the track, can be seen most evenings flying around on her skates trying to avoid hits and score points.

– Paul McGregor, Club Administrator, Swim Bournemouth

Before TeamUnify

Before we started using TeamUnify all our processes, membership, meet entries, coaches records, swimmer attendance and club communication were managed using a variety of different systems, none of which were integrated in anyway. No one process was joined up, which meant a huge amount of duplication, which was very labour intensive and prone to error.

Brian Wingert, Assistant Coach Wichita Swim Club


Wichita Swim Club did very well in their team Swim-A-Thon, raising a total of $30,153.92 using the TUMoney platform! The team had 109 out of 222 swimmers participate; that is $277 raised per participating swimmer.

- Ron Kozinski of the Peoria Area Water Wizards

We have completed our Swim-A-Thon and it was a huge success for us. Using TUMoney for the Swim-A-Thon helped us surpass our goal and every expectation we had!

The Stingray Swim Team faced several challenges late last year.

  • They were having issues receiving the meet entry files in the correct format, and

Before the Golden Comets started using the TUMoney Event Fundraising Module, they averaged $3,800 per fundraising event doing it the "manual, time-consuming way". It took only one year of using the Event Fundraising System to realize the benefits - to the tune of $17,417 and it didn't stop there! They raised over $20,000 in their second year!

Running a swim meet as a computer operator and/or an administrative official is a challenge. With all of the distractions around you, it is highly recommended that you are a

1. Promote! Promote! Promote!

THIS IS YOUR #1 PRIORITY!! Teams that stay on top of getting communication out about their event greatly increase their participation which equates to more donors and more money raised. The promote section of TUMoney will get all of the information out to the right people at the right time.

For the past couple of years I have been working with Warner Robins Aquanauts running their USA Swimming Foundation Swim-A-Thon on TeamUnify's TUMoney event fundraising platform. Before they started using TeamUnify for their fundraisers, participation was in a steady decline and it was difficult to get money from the parents.

I have been working with Adam Ritchie of B&CC YMCA South Jersey Aquatic Club since August of 2013. He has run several meets with TouchPad meet management software and absolutely loves it so far. Having worked with different meet management software in the past, he felt TouchPad was incredibly user friendly.