Andrew Herr

Andrew grew up on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe. After graduating High School, Andrew went on to the University of Nevada, Reno where he earned a Bachelors of Science in Business Management and graduated with high distinction. He then moved out of the Tahoe area to Bend, Oregon where he now resides. He has worked as the Head Coach of Mt. Bachelor Sports Education Foundation, as a Mentor with Friends of the Children, as the Marketing and Content Manager at Rescue Response Gear and a had a few other stops along the way. He spends all of his free time with his wife Amanda, a choir director in Bend, out playing in the mountains, be it skiing, hiking, or exploring.

We are completely twitterpated here at TeamUnify. OnDeck for iOS and Android have just launched the ability to post to Twitter from TeamFeed. No longer will you need to login, type, attach and post your messaging on multiple mediums. With TeamFeed, your team communication can be published to all the important places right from OnDeck. Send messaging and updates to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, OnDeck's TeamFeed and your Team Site all from one location, saving you time and making social sharing easier than ever.

Anita Hoag, Team Admin — Mei's Typhoons Swim Club

I first started using the TeamUnify system when we lived in Louisville, KY and my children swam for the Tritons. I loved the setup because the interface was easy to use, and there was a simple login process for parents. It was easy to sign my children up for meets, races, and Triton events, download meet packets, pay for meets/season, and follow the practice and social calendar.

We have some exciting news for all you Instagram lovers out there. OnDeck for iOS has just launched the ability to post to Instagram from TeamFeed. That means you can post to your team’s website, Facebook, and Instagram, all from one place.

In August, we launched a brand new portal connection for your team to the new home of youth sports at When families search for youth sports programs for their child, this sports directory gives them a list of teams in over 20 sports in their area. And, we want to help your team rank higher!

Richard Leech, Team Admin — City of Peterborough Swimming Club

I can’t tell you how pleased we are with the functionality, service and price point of TU. You guys are doing an amazing job.

Want to help the swimming world become stronger? Please take a moment to read this post.

Our hearts go out to everyone affected and displaced by this unprecedented run of storms this fall. As many of you know, the system of hurricanes that hit the Gulf Coast, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Florida have had a devastating impact. The loss of houses, pets, personal items and even lives is intangible.

OnDeck for Android has received a big update and we can't wait for you to check it out. Our coaching toolkit, formerly MainSet and now a part of the SwimOffice Pro platform, has more tools available than ever inside OnDeck for Android devices. Make sure to update to the most recent Google Play Store version of OnDeck to access all the great updates!

Today is the day! We get to see which team gets the invite to join us in LA! We will pick from a list of teams who highly utilize our system and will be invited to join us and a few other coaches at the Golden Goggle Awards in Los Angeles. Also, we are giving away two GoPros to teams who showed great use of TeamFeed over the last few weeks.

As the weekend approaches, there are a lot of opportunities to capture all the little things that make your team unique, fun, and awesome. From poolside antics at practice to podium medals at meets, weekends festivities make it easy to capture and share all the fun that is going on with your team and that is exactly what TeamFeed is all about.

As you might have discovered in your OnDeck application or on your team site, TeamFeed is now live for SwimOffice Pro customers! The first week has been crazy. With over 1,000 posts already created and shared, we can't wait to see how teams will take this new social sharing platform to new heights.