Dan Drum

Dan Drum grew up in a small town of Newport, Washington in the northeast corner of Washington. Growing up, he played as many ball sports as possible. His swimming experience is limited to tripping while fly fishing and on occasion when he flips his 14 foot sailboat. His beautiful wife and kids keep him busy outside of work hours but in the off chance of having free time, Dan spends it outside as much as possible whether that is hiking, sailing, fishing, beach volleyball or hanging out with his little brother through Big Brothers & Big Sisters. Dan has been with TeamUnify since 2012 helping our largest teams set up and run their billing, registrations, fundraising and lesson programs on their TeamUnify website. Dan believes he has been blessed with the gift of patience and understanding but we at TeamUnify know it’s not actually a gift but in fact comes from being a new father and teaching 5th grade in his former life.

–Carol MacDougall, Rockingham Area Youth Swim Team

A Little History on the Stingrays

When I took over the team in April 2015, I quickly realized I had to go back to September of 2014 and bill all of the meet fees for the entire '14-'15 short course season. Nothing had been collected. We had to bill over $8,000.00 in outstanding fees to our members and of that we had to write off about $900.00 as bad debt

- Sherie MacGregor of Diablo Aquatics

It had been a good week, busy and productive. It was Friday and about an hour until the work day ended. As always, Friday afternoon I hear Derek, one of our team representatives, closing the day strong. Sure enough he comes over to my desk asking if I have enough time for one last setup.

The ultimate goal of any Treasurer is to keep your accounts receivables down as close to zero as possible. Your Aging Report allows you to see any accounts with past due balances

Every pool out there should be running private lessons. Allowing the driven kids out there to improve their skills and coaches to extend what they love to do and generate extra revenue!

August is one of the busiest months of the year here at TeamUnify. Registrations are coming into full swing across the country, and many teams like yours are activating the recurring billing system.  To put this into perspective,

May 5, 2014 Dan Drum

For all TeamUnify teams on the SwimOffice platform, the billing system is there for both administrators and families to make sure that the financial side of things are on track. This allows teams to focus on the competitive side of the sport and not get hung up on the billing. Hazel Torrez with Whittier Aquatic Club in Whittier, CA realized this could provide tremendous benefit and attended a live billing Webinar to learn more about this feature. After a successful overview Webinar, a few questions came up.