Liz Fizer

Liz Fizer is a Customer Success Rep at TeamUnify. Her primary focus is helping teams find new efficiencies with online registrations, billing, payment processing and fundraising! Liz is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota and went to school at the University of Montana in Missoula. After graduating with a degree in Marketing she spent the next 6 years as an adventure guide working in Europe, the US and Central America before settling down in the outdoor mecca of Bend, Oregon. She is thrilled to live somewhere that allows her to downhill ski and mountain bike on the same day. Outside of work she enjoys being active outdoors and training her golden retriever puppy, Butters.

As September approaches it's time to start preparing for next season, be it creating your team's next online registration and training new board members, or implementing new policies and purchasing the latest workout equipment. Change is never easy, but it can really help teams to grow. This year, we want to help you implement the team management changes that are proven to help your team's finances to stay in the black. 

Mar 22, 2017 Liz Fizer

Did you know that your team can utilize TeamUnify's Billing and Invoicing system for FREE?

The summer swim season is now well underway. Swim team registration has been completed, volunteer positions filled and swimsuits ordered. The temperatures have warmed up and swim meets are already happening.

Swim teams that have alternative payment options (other than check/charge) have been pleasantly surprised with one of TeamUnify’s latest features, Custom Payment Options. TeamUnify's new custom payment option cuts down on confusion from the families and allows the team to streamline the invoicing process. Country Club teams are now able to combine the custom payment field with