Randy Dod

Randy is the Training Guru at TeamUnify and has been with the team for five years making him the most senior support agent. When not working to produce world class training content for our wonderful administrators, coaches, and parents, Randy enjoys outdoor Photography and volunteering at his local church.

We have occasionally seen teams use the same online registration running for years, trying to decrease the workload required to start a new one each year. Some administrators have deleted all the registrations from the previous year to keep the same one going, however, there is a better way and it's actaully less work!

We have streamlined the way you produce relay entries and entries by event. Let’s take a brief walk through the enhancements you will find in SwimOffice.

We are excited to announce that TULessons has received a brand new registration interface. Now more intuitive than ever, this new user experience will help streamline your sign up process while helping your team capture more registrations. Simplified and optimized for mobile devices, families will now be able to find, filter and sign up for your lessons programs with ease on any device.

In a meet's new Commitment Log tab, any admin can see exactly who made changes to meet entries, what the changes were and when. The following activities are posted in the Commitment Log per event:

One of the biggest changes in a swimmer’s career is transferring teams. This can be stressful both physically and emotionally. With this change comes another big challenge—correctly navigating through all the necessary athlete transfer paperwork for USA Swimming.

Team reports can really help administrators and coaches to stay on top of many aspects of their team management. From top times reporting and registration sign ups, to billing information and meet entry reports. Over the last year we have updated a few reports that we think your team will find really handy.

A/B/C/D/E Meets Now Possible!

TouchPad, TeamUnify's meet management software, has always had the ability to create meets with up to three levels of cut times. But what if you needed more than that? Moreover, what if you wanted to be able to easily use certain standards over and over? You now have the ability to not only create unlimited cuts, but to import and export them from meet to meet as well with the most recent update to TouchPad.

Want to geek out on conversion time calculations used in SwimOffice? We recently made a change for USAS teams that we wanted to share. SwimOffice now uses time conversion factors more in line with what is used across the board by USA Swimming Teams.

In a variety of areas TouchPad has seen several great UI improvements. We have taken time to redevelop the screen layouts and our most recent adjustment is the Athlete Entries screen. We have thoroughly revamped it and believe you will find it more user friendly and intuitive. 

A great new update to the event creation page is the ability to set Allow Athletes to commit by Event settings when creating an event via a meet event structure file. This gives you the option to allow Parents to commit Athletes by Event or by Day/Session when setting up your event. In Step 3 you will find a new drop down menu once you select the Allow On-line Reg; Meet Manager/Meet Events file to allow On-Line meet entry option.