Our Help & Training tools is now much easier to access but do you know how it works?  Watch Help & Training Tools - 101 for a quick tour.

TULessons has lots of great options for running a successful lesson program and because we love automation, we pumped the lessons module full of it!

Tracking your swimmers' progress in comparison to their best, or seasonal best, time(s) is an important tool throughout the season. Coaches have used improvement reports to share with, and motivate their athletes at all levels. Now you have the ability to

Jul 29, 2014 TeamUnify

You can now create, edit, and preview events before you are ready to publish them live. 

To make it easy to see what events are hidden, click on the "Hidden (Admin Only)" tab and the list of Events that are not visible publicly will be displayed. 

Jul 29, 2014 TeamUnify

When an athlete breaks a record it's incredibly important news. Well how do you even know this has occurred? TeamUnify has taken the guess work out of record creation and management. Only three simple steps are required when you are importing meet results. Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions.

Jul 29, 2014 TeamUnify

This amazing new feature makes it simple to create fully customized reports in the new Account Member Admin user Interface. If you haven’t switched to our new Account Member Admin interface this will ABSOLUTELY

Jul 29, 2014 TeamUnify

Thank you for your patience on delivering this new feature. We've worked hard to get the functionality just right so you have complete control of what meets will be updated. This feature gives you the ability to update all committed athletes in the upcoming meets with their new best times from the results import.

Jul 29, 2014 TeamUnify

You can view the notes left by a parent during the meet declaration process for each athlete being committed to an event or a meet. When you see an icon in the notes column or underlined text simply move your cursor over this and information will

Global change is such a hot topic right now and TeamUnify wants to be part of it so we added the ability to add, edit, and delete your roster groups, billing group, locations and sub billing groups and they update GLOBALLY!

SwimOffice by TeamUnify has powerful billing features creating efficiencies for both families and your swim team. Quickly and easily charge meet fees from all accounts with a credit card on file in only 4 simple steps on any day at any time.