Capture USA Swimming Information at Registration

Capture USA Swimming Information at Registration

Are you collecting USA Swimming registration information on a paper form or in a registration packet? You may know how easy it is to submit USA Swimming registration information within SwimOffice. This feature saves you a bunch of time when registering USA Swimming swimmers, but if you do not have all the information you will submit an incomplete file to your LSC. With TeamUnify's Online Registration system you can easily gather USA Swimming registration information to complete those files.

Online registration isn't only for team sign ups and money collection. It's one of the most powerful tools in your TeamUnify suite. You can easily require and gather information based on your registration groups to collect USA Swimming information. That way your team will be up to date for the season and you can submit your registration batch file at any time. No more tracking down information last minute!

Note: This article assumes you will edit an existing registration. If you need to add a new registration or clone an existing one, please see our online registration guide.

Gather USA Registration Information:

    1. In the side menu click Team Admin > Registration Admin.
    3. Click a registration title to edit.
    5. Parent and Guardian information is required on a USA Swimming registration form, so make sure to set "[Parents/Guardians] Entry Fields" to Show and Required if you haven't already.


    6. If you made the update in step 3, click Save Changes, and then click the registration title to edit again.
    7. Click the Fees Setup tab.
    9. Click Select under "Registration Groups for Member to Select."
    10. Either click Add New or click an existing registration group name. Notice in the below example "Gold - Resident" does not yet require USA Reg. You can require USA Swimming Registration information for selected Registration Groups, avoiding confusion for non-USA Swimming groups during the registration process.
    11. Set the "USA Registration Required" drop down to Yes.
    12. Click Save Changes.
    14. Click Next >> in the lower right.
    16. Click Save Changes.

During registration, when a registrant selects a group that has "USA Registration Required" set to Yes, the following will show up for them to complete (this will apply to all members being registered to a group that has this feature turned on).

It is easier than ever to gather USA Registration Information with your next Online Registration. If you are interested in using our online registration please email for more information. Learn more about TeamUnify and how to process and register USA Swimming swimmers in our knowledge base.

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