Changes to the SwimOffice Conversion Formula for USAS Teams

Jan 28, 2016 Randy Dod

Changes to the SwimOffice Conversion Formula for USAS Teams

Want to geek out on conversion time calculations used in SwimOffice? We recently made a change for USAS teams that we wanted to share. SwimOffice now uses time conversion factors more in line with what is used across the board by USA Swimming Teams. See the Course conversion of times/factoring of times FAQ for more info.

To be clear, this only affects our USA Swimming (USAS) team websites; all other team sites will continue to use the existing conversion factors in their SwimOffice site.

Conversion Formula

SCY LCM or SCM hsecs * fFactor + fIncre
LCM SCY or SCM (hsec - fIncre)/fFactor
SCM SCY hsecs/fFactor
SCM LCM hsecs + fIncre



Conversion CasesfFactor
LCM to SCM 1.0
LCM to/from SCY distance
400/800 to/from 500/1000
LCM to/from SCY distance
1500 to/from 1650
All Other Cases 1.11



Conversion CasesfIncre
Stroke is Medley and LCM to/from
SCY distance 400 to/from 500
Stroke is not Medley and LCM to/from
SCY distance > 200
SCY to/from SCM 0
LCM to/from SCM Distance fIncre
500/400 640
800/1000 1280
1500/1650 2400
All other cases Distance fIncre
50 incre
100 2*incre
200 4*incre
400 8*incre
Others 0



Butterfly 70
Back 60
Breast 100
Free 80
Ind. Medley 80


hsecs - Hundredths of a second
fFactor - Flip turn factor
fIncre - Flip turn increment
incre - Increment adjustment
SCY - Short Course Yards
SCM - Short Course Meters
LCM - Long Course Meters

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