Check out the New Performance Updates in MainSet Release 1.0.6

Check out the New Performance Updates in MainSet Release 1.0.6

As coaches have grown to write workouts in MainSet on the daily, we discovered they do not need to save every edited workout or each set when they make small variations. We also learned that coaches want to be able to add a single swim to a workout rather than creating a whole set. We have listened and are pleased to announce these updates are now live in MainSet v1.0.6 as well as some other great updates including a massive performance update to the Practice Calendar. We hope you enjoy! Here is a list of the major updates you will find.

Improved single instance logic when writing, adjusting and cloning sets


In MainSet version 1.0.6 we have added single instance workout writing. This greatly improves a coach's ability to update previous workouts, update workouts within a previous practice, and make day-of adjustments. We are calling this single instance tracking. Now in MainSet each practice will save its workout independent of the workout seen in the workout library; same with sets. This means you can update a workout in the workout library and not affect past workouts or adjust a workout within a practice and not affect your library. This can be used to match what coaches do the day of, without having to create a brand new or clone of a workout or set in their library. Simply uncheck Export Workouts to My Workout Library.

Add sets to workouts with the option to save them to the Set Library


With the enhancements to the ways you can edit and clone workouts, coaches will now have the ability to add sets to workouts without naming and saving them. This option will decrease set counts and increase workout creation flexibility. At the top of a set simply uncheck the Export Set to My Set Library checkbox. But make sure to check the box when you want to save those important sets into the set library.

New +SINGLE SWIM and +SWIM buttons add a single swim to a workout


Coaches have expressed the need to add simplified sets. Sometimes you may just want to add a simple warm down or a drill such as 5 X 100 on 1:30. To speed up this process we now allow coaches to create a single swim, without a set, within a workout. You will now find while creating a workout the +SINGLE SWIM or +SWIM buttons which allow you to add a single swim that doesn't save in your set library. How easy is that?

Tags are now optional in both workouts and sets


Are you a tag fanatic? Well if you are don't worry, tags are here to stay. However, coaches spoke up and asked that we not make it required to add tags to Workouts and Sets. We listened and coaches now have the freedom to add as many tags as they would like or none at all. Remember it is still good practice to tag your Workouts and Sets to increase filtering and search ability accuracy, but they are no longer required.

Delete any non-test set from your set library


Along with the updates to enhance the Set and Workout creation experience, we now allow users to delete sets they may not use, may not want, or used once and no longer need in their set library. Simply go to My Sets, tap on the set you would like to delete and tap delete. Don't worry, the reporting associated with that set will always remain in MainSet's reporting. However, you are not allowed to delete a used Test Set, these are sill needed for Test Set reporting. This simply helps you to keep your set library clean and organized.

Practice Calendar performance update


We have added some massive logic and system performance updates to the MainSet Practice Calendar. You will now see quicker load times, faster processing, and an overall upgrade in performance.


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