Club Administration and Communication Made Easy

Club Administration and Communication Made Easy

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–Mark Crouch, Chief Coach Aquabears Swimming Club of Rochdale

As a club we have now been using the TeamUnify web site and team management for about a year and it has made club administration and communication a lot easier and more effective.

Whilst we haven’t utilised all of the functions the site has to offer, many of the basic day-to-day workings of the club are now completed online and in one place. Some of which have made our life and the life of parents a lot easier.Aquabears

Meet Entries

Meet entries and payments are done online rather than chasing parents for forms and cheques or cash.

All swimmers' information/contact details/best times/meet results/meet entries/split times/attendance records/Birthday tracking, can all be viewed using the mobile app “OnDeck” or by going online.


No more filling out paper attendance sheets. I now open the app on my phone and simply tap in the attendances and it automatically uploads to the site. This means if I want to view another group in another location, I can pull up the attendance record within minutes of the coach entering the information. No longer do I have to wait days for the information.


Communication to individuals or groups is really easy. We use numerous filters to send a email communication or post the information on our site. It has made communication much more simple and effective.

No longer do we spend time and money ringing or texting individuals and then finding out we don’t have their up-to-date numbers. Parents can view and edit their own accounts online, saving us the task of updating their information.


The quality of the site is excellent and very professional and a huge improvement on our previous site, which was very limited in its functionality. Editing the site is very easy and simple and allows our committee to alter/update or modify pages/information or news whenever they want to in any location.


The support team has always been really helpful and most of the information you need is accessible on their help pages with plenty of explanation and video tutorials.

There are so many tools and information you can access as an administrator or coach on the system. It incorporates team management software, team website and communication hub all in one place.

Having switched to TeamUnify I definitely would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of giving them a try.


Mark Crouch
Chief Coach
Aquabears Swimming Club of Rochdale

Aquabears Swimming Club of Rochdale

Aquabears Swimming club was formed in 1979 in response to the need for high level competitive club and as a local centre of excellence in Rochdale. The club has had many successful years with a number of our swimmers achieving international success.

Three of these swimmers, Stacey Houldsworth, John Davey and Richard Maden all represented Great Britain at World Championships, the latter two qualifying for the ‘B' finals in the 1992 and 1996 Olympics respectively. Keri-Anne Payne has gone on to achieve the highest success by winning a Silver Medal at the Beijing Olympics in the open water event.

There have been many other successes at National age and youth championships over the years and the club will continue its drive for excellence in the future.

The Aquabears have been powering their swimming club with TeamUnify since December of 2015 and have over 130 active members on their team. If you are interested in joining the TeamUnify family like the Aquabears, follow the link below.

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