MainSet CEO Webinar Attendees Say It All

Oct 14, 2015 Tom Fristoe

MainSet CEO Webinar Attendees Say It All

"Excitement" is the word of the day. 

After last week's CEO Webinar Series, where we demonstrated MainSet to hundred's of swim teams, the excitement is growing exponentially. When asked, 'Will your team be purchasing MainSet50% of attending teams who responded, said yes!  

Across the board, teams big and small, are ready to make the move to MainSet, and have seen how it's going to improve coaching performance. When asked to rate the MainSet, from 1 = Poor to 5 = Amazing, the average rating was an astonishing 4.22! 

Here are some of the comments after seeing the demonstration:

Great job innovating and staying ahead!


Really impressed with the functionality, ease of workout creation and the "cloud" sharing features.


This looks AWESOME! We can't wait to get our hands on it!!


MainSet  is the future of workout management, and is built for your entire team. Coaching performance will be improved, swimmers will understand more, and overall team retention will improve.

Looks like a great program and trumps everything else I have tried because it syncs with all the team information in our TU system.


TeamUnify save coaches and administrators countless hours each and every month with team administration. One of the major highlights from the webinar is MainSet's ability to seamlessly integrate with your pre-existing TeamUnify system and accounts.

Looks very cool. I currently use Team Manager for my workout storage/creation. I'm looking forward to being able to have a current roster combined with my workout manager!


MainSet is engineered for both pre-existing and new customers. You don't need to be a current TeamUnify customer or have SwimOffice to purchase or run MainSet

Looks amazing. I've tried many workout management tools and they are all lacking. I have been using Excel. I want a "database type" management program which can manipulate workout and set data into reports for groups and individuals. This looks like it can do all of that and much more. Thank you.


With a never before seen feature set MainSet will redefine workout management. The depth of the application goes beyond just simple practice management. Practice & Workout Management/Creation, Calendar Scheduling for Multiple Rosters & Locations, Test Set Timing & Tracking, Unlimited Video Recording & Storage, Privately Share Workout Data & Videos with Swimmers, Seamless Membership Sharing with SwimOffice, and so much more!

Love the video capabilities...


Impressive, overall good product.


90% of teams in attendance record Video, in some form, for stroke analysis. MainSet seamlesslt integrates the ability to record & edit unlimited video then privately share with swimmers through the integreated account/member management tools.

Parents and Swimmers can now access their videos privately from any device. Video is found to be processed 60,000 times faster than text. Get excited as your swimmers begin to watch, share, and learn like never before. 

The webinar was very exciting, just as exciting as when I saw it in person at USAS Convention. MainSet integrates many of the things I do separately; this will help reduce my paperwork and make my coaching experience even more rewarding.


Your annual subscription to MainSet will cover all future updates at no additional charge and 7 day a week support.


Pre-orders will be available soon. In the meantiem, Join our mailing list to get updates, pre-order notifications, and other great news and information.

Please join your peers in saying "Yes" to MainSet? and thank you to everyone who joined us for the webinar.

We are so excited to get this into the hands of teams!

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