Collect Meet Fees Instantly with SwimOffice by TeamUnify!

Collect Meet Fees Instantly with SwimOffice by TeamUnify!

SwimOffice by TeamUnify has powerful billing features creating efficiencies for both families and your swim team. Quickly and easily charge meet fees from all accounts with a credit card on file in only 4 simple steps on any day at any time.



Step One


  • Ensure as many families as possible have a Credit Card on file. Learn How →

Step Two


  • Inform your families that the meet fees for this meet will be charged outside of the normal first of the month autopay charging.

    1. In the ‘Important Notes’ section where a family/swimmer declares to attend you can put this messaging. Learn How → [check out step #3 on page 2]

    2. Once all the swimmers have committed you can send a reminder email from the “Committed Athletes Tab”. Learn How →

Step Three


  • Once all the swimmers have their events approved, generate the meet fee file and invoice the families via the billing system. Learn How →

Step Four


  • In the “Invoices & Payments” section set the appropriate filters like ‘Account Status to Active, Balance to w/Balance, and Pay by to Credit Card. Then select the accounts in view and click the 'New Charge' button.

    TeamUnify's SwimOffice Collect Meet Fees Instantly
    On the next page select Payment Type Credit Card, Process Card on File for this Amount, Outstanding Balance, Confirm the Accounts and click ‘Save New Payment’ to charge the credit card(s) on file. Learn How →   

    Note: this will charge the total outstanding balance on the account which could include items above and beyond the meet fees just invoiced.]

    Powerful Billing features by TeamUnify


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