Computer Operator - The Least Thanked Volunteer in Swimming

Computer Operator - The Least Thanked Volunteer in Swimming

Running a swim meet as a computer operator and/or an administrative official is a challenge. With all of the distractions around you, it is highly recommended that you are a skilled multi-tasker who has the ability to think quickly. If you have ever done this before these situations will feel very, very familiar:



  • coaches trying to scratch swimmers after the scratch period

  • place a last minute swimmer into an event

  • officials handing you DQ slips

  • runners waiting for the results of the last event to be printed out

  • swimmers coming up to ask what heat they are in

  • printing extra heat sheets in 2 and 3 columns

What makes this more challenging is that all of this is going on while you are:


  • pulling results in from the timing console

  • verifying times and printing results

  • making sure the names are correct on the scoreboard

  • printing reports like heat sheets in 2 or 3 columns because 2 coaches really need an extra set and the copy machine is broken

  • and that’s just the start of it...

We understand these challenges and applaud you computer operator! Your ability to perform your job tasks while calmly dealing with those that will try to distract you is second-to-none. Yet, despite the distractions, you still must stay on the timeline, make sure the parents have no idea of the chaos and stress that is ensuing, and make sure that swimmer’s results are displayed as soon as they touch the wall!

If you have never experienced life in the computer operators seat - take some time at your next swim meet. You will be shocked by how much they do in a short period of time, event after event, to ensure the meet goes off without a hitch. [Don’t forget to give that person a high five after the meet and thank them! Without them there would be no swim meets.]


Did you know that TeamUnify has a powerful, free meet management software application called TouchPad?

With TouchPad, we aim to make this job as easy as possible, which it is not always an easy task. TouchPad caters to the harried computer operators and administrative officials by providing essential functionality all within one place; the Enter Results screen. Think about the possibilities of never having to leave a single screen next time you run your swim meets.

Don't take our word for it, read what  Linda Seckinger from Northern Colorado and Colorado Swimming has to say:

"Starting my 17th year in the sport of swimming and running the computer at several meets over the years, I decided to try the TouchPad software from TeamUnify. I was impressed with the ease of setting up a meet and once the meet had started how user friendly it was to print results, labels and final scores. Everything was all done in one central location and having the results available immediately after was a huge plus for the teams that have a web site powered by TeamUnify. 

The technical support from your staff was awesome and I highly encourage anyone in the sport of swimming to give your TouchPad software a try. I think that they will find it will be a benefit to them once they are familiar with how it works and the advantages that it has to offer. As with anything new, the more you use it the more it has to offer."

 TeamUnify SwimOffice TouchPad Run Your Next Swim Meet from one Screen

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