Custom Messaging in Online Registration

Jun 10, 2015 Andrew Herr

Custom Messaging in Online Registration

It is now easier than ever to guide your Accounts through your online registration with the new rich-text editable areas inside online registration. We are excited about this feature and know that it will enhance your team's online registration process. When accounts register you can now display a custom message at the top of the Account Setup and Member Selection screens, customizable per registration.

From displaying your team's logo, to prompting accounts to update their email and mailing addresses, it is easier than ever to communicate with your accounts during the online registration process.



Here's How to Add a Custom Message:

  1. In the side menu click Team AdminRegistration Admin.
  3. Click Add New or click the name of a registration to edit.
  5. If this is a new registration, you will need to complete the information on the Basic Setup tab and click Save Changes. Then, click the name of the new registration.
  7. Click the Page Setup tab.
  9. Add your message to either or both the Account Setup Msg tab and/or Member Selection Msg tab.
  11. Click Save Changes.

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