Managing Your Swim Team is About to Get Easier

Managing Your Swim Team is About to Get Easier


In mid-2013, conversation began about how we could improve the speed at which you, our team administrators, found, accessed, and managed your team’s accounts. From this conversation the team came up with an idea around how TeamUnify products could be [re]built - from the ground up. The culmination of this conversation resulted in what we are calling TUUX™

 (TeamUnify User eXperience).


From our humble beginnings, we have always adhered to one guiding principle as a company - create value for our users. With TUUX, we had a new goal - make every interaction, every task, every job, easier for you to perform as an administrator. But, in process of rethinking our user interface, we had to keep our focus on not losing a single feature or function you rely on everyday. This made for a big, exciting challenge. TUUX was not much more than pencil on paper to begin with, but we could feel the potential.

AMA Inception


Challenge accepted.

We are a competitive bunch, so when challenges get thrown around, we are not a group to back down. Our engineering team got to work quickly, but TUUX was no small task. Hours turned into days of planning. Prototypes were built, then rebuilt. Code was written, commented on, then refactored. Assumptions were challenged. New ideas were brought to the table. Eventually our engineering team had taken our conceptual drawings, and created a live working prototype.

AMA Prototype

Redefining our team.

The best thing about really big challenges is that it brings teams together, and TUUX was no different. The project not only redefined how our team interacted with you, but how we interacted and worked with each other inside the four walls at TeamUnify. These interactions improved us in ways far better than any of us could have imagined. For us, TUUX is an ever evolving effort - the fruits of which will soon be released to each of you, and something our entire organization can be proud of.


AMA is [re]born.

Over the next few weeks, TUUX for Account and Member Admin (AMA as we call it inside TUHQ - that is TeamUnify Headquarters for those playing at home) will be rolled out to your account - some of you might already have the ability to turn it on today! When you do, you will find a radical, but long-awaited change to how you manage your accounts. The new AMA brings speed, efficiency, power, multi-tasking, customization, and best of all, a new interface, to how you manage your team’s accounts and members.

New AMA comes to life


Just the beginning.

The culmination of our efforts may still be in the future, but that future is bright. Our new Account and Member Admin should whet your appetites for the future of TeamUnify.  Our goal is no longer just about the features - it is about how you interact with each and every feature we build for you and your teams. This is a great challenge to undertake, and one that has only just begun.

TU Design Process

For more information on Account Member Admin, watch our new video:

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