Generate and Bill Meet Fees Faster Than Ever

Generate and Bill Meet Fees Faster Than Ever

Do you bill the meet fees for your team? If you do, make sure you read this blog! TeamUnify has released an all new way to generate and bill your meet fees in one simple to use interface that you are going to love.

When you generate entry files for a meet, you have always had the ability to generate a meet fees file. With the new billing meet fees center, you can now immediately generate invoices and even charge the accounts who have a credit card on file.

Benefits of the new Meet Entry Fees area include:

  • A centralized and customizable user interface
  • The ability to generate fees based on Rosters, Billing Groups or Location 
  • Easily generate invoices and charge credit cards for meet fees
  • Automated email notification to the billing administrator of a new fees batch
  • and automatic receipt generation to accounts via email

Don't worry, you can still have a billing admin generate invoices at a later time. We even automate an email to the billing administrator when meet fees are ready. Watch this short intro video to see more about this great new system.

For those teams who charge meet fees from meet results instead of entries, this can also be done using the new system. Simply click the Gen Entry Fees link next to the meet result.

To read complete instructions on how to use the new meet fees area click here!

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