Get Registration Notifications When You Want...

Jul 24, 2015 Andrew Herr

Get Registration Notifications When You Want...

Every year team registration comes around and team administrators and coaches keep a keen eye on who is registering for the new season. If you are like many of the administrators out there you may want to watch and be notified as registrations pour in. TeamUnify makes it easy to stay on top of your registration with email notifications to administrators when registrations occur.


There are two options to track incoming registrations. For those who want to know every time someone registers you can select Instant Notification to receive immediate updates, displayed as receipts, for each team sign up.

The Daily Summary option is for those who don't want emails coming in with every registration. Each night we email a list of registrations that occurred that day, keeping you up to date each morning. This allows you to plan, manage and review your registrations with FAR less effort.

To turn on email notifications sign into your TeamUnify site, click Team Admin > Registration Admin, then either click an Existing Registration or Add New. In the middle of the page make sure to fill out an Email Address used to send receipt emails and Name used to send receipt emails. Down the page choose your selection for “Email Notifications to Select Admins when Registration Occurs,” either Instant Notification or Daily Summary as described above, and make sure to add the email addresses for administrators or coaches who may want to be informed of new registrations.

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Once completed, make sure to save your registration or clone as new. That's it; you or anyone of your choosing will now be notified of any team registrations on an instant or daily schedule.

If you would like to learn more about Online Registration please visit the TUUniversity Lesson on Online Registration or click this banner in your SwimOffice suite.




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