Graphic Design 102: Get Pixel Perfect

Graphic Design 102: Get Pixel Perfect

Another area to really create an online "wow factor" is finding the perfect images for your website. But, it is not just the image. The image needs to be the right pixel size to display beautifully on a TeamUnify site. TeamUnify wants you to be pixel perfect, so follow these pixel rules. (Sizes are shown in proportion, not actual size)


Background Images: - 1024px by 768px

(largest image acceptable without truncation is 1280px by 960px)


Main Photos: Normal Size - 480px by 285px


Main Photos: Wide Size - 721px by 285px


Custom Command Buttons: - 40px by 40px

 40-by-40></p><p><span>Make sure to use high-resolution photo's and try not to zoom in when cropping them. The images will lose resolution and look blurry or distorted. </span></p><p>It can be easy to edit photo's to the correct size. Using online applications like <strong><a href=

Pixlr or PicMonkey work great if you do not have a photo or graphics editing program. Simply resize your team's images and crop to create stunning online graphics. High-resolution photos create a sharp and clean-lined image. Make sure to set your camera to its highest resolution settings, and export photos using the highest quality possible to ensure a clean and crisp image. A high-resolution picture is determined by its number of pixels; the more pixels the sharper the image. Keep up the great graphic design work and remember to stay pixel perfect with your TeamUnify website.

If you are interested in taking your image and TeamUnify site to the next level our team of graphic designers will work with you to truly customize your website. Our graphic designers have worked with hundreds of teams and can customize all areas of your site to create one that's truly original. Click the button below to learn more.

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