Graphic Design 105: Change-Up Your Layout

Graphic Design 105: Change-Up Your Layout

Graphic design is more than just photos and colors, it is defining, designing, and directing your clients to exactly where you want them to go. Here at TeamUnify we give you the options to change the layout of your website to direct traffic to the content you want to share or gather.


Choose a layout that fits your graphic style. There are many options to choose from and Command Buttons draw huge attention and are some of the most clicked links in your site. There are a multitude of options that can help to define your graphic layout and button placement.

If you choose between the Normal and Wide Photo selections different layout options become available.

Command Button Layout Graphic Design 105


Normal Size Layout:

The Normal Layout keeps the command buttons in line with your Main Photos in a vertical fashion. With the "Show Main Photo/Text/Commands" selection you can set the photo and command buttons to specific areas and designs.

You can set the Main Photo/Text/Commands selection area to:

  • No (which turns this area off)
  • On Top of the Page
  • Below Events/News
  • or Below Partners

 Show Main Photo/Text/Command

You can also change the photo placement, which changes the layout of the command buttons.

This photo placement can be set to:

  • Photo on Left
  • or Photo on Right

Graphic Design Photo Placement

Wide Size Layout:

The Wide Photo Selection allows different layout options than the Normal Photo Selection. This selection turns the photo and command line buttons into separate objects that you can tweak and move about your home screen independently.

The Main Photo takes on the properties of the "Show Main Photo/Text/Commands" selection and the Command Buttons take on the position settings inside of the Command Buttons tab in the "Command Button Controls" section of Website Design. 

The Photo Can be set as:

  • No
  • On Top of the Page
  • Below Events/News
  • or Below Partners

Command Button Layout

The Command Buttons can then be set as:

  • Top
  • Below Photos
  • Bottom
  • or On the Side

Command Button Placement



These design elements allow you to customize your website and the feel of your websites homepage. If you want more focus on the slide show and kids, using the Wide Photo setting placed at the top of the page could fit your needs.

Kid Centric Example

If your command buttons direct traffic, attach those to the top of the page to keep your traffic flowing to its desired locations.

Command Button Centric Example

Graphic design should be fun, and we hope you take full advantage of this system to update, change, and modify your current layout to send visitors exactly where you want them to go.

If you are interested in taking your team's brand and your TeamUnify site to the next level, our team of graphic designers will work with you to truly customize your website. Our graphic designers have worked with hundreds of teams and can customize all areas of your site to create a truly original website. Click the button below to learn more.

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