The Votes Are In. Your Requested Features Are Available.

The Votes Are In. Your Requested Features Are Available.

We do a lot here at TeamUnify, and doing a lot is difficult at times. There's a constant requirement to balance the needs of one user versus thousands of others. Sometimes we get it right and sometimes we don’t. We understand this, and we are always working to improve.

Our goal, that has not changed since day one, is to help swim team volunteers and coaches manage their teams better with less effort. What started as an effort to solve a real need for a single individual and his team, has become a platform that is relied on by millions on a daily basis.

Every day we strive to work on improving the tools that allow you to do your jobs more effectively and efficiently. With this, we constantly remind ourselves of what is most important - you.


We have enabled you to openly provide feedback on what you need in an area called the Feature Request Forum. Lots of votes have poured in for features, fixes, and improvements - some wildly clamored for and some a bit obscure. 

We are reading and listening to every single request and are excited to announce that we've just released some of your most requested features



Auto Update Records [664 Votes]: Learn how

Auto Update Best Times [440 Votes]: Learn how

Display Notes for Committed Athletes [346 Votes]: Learn how

Create Draft [Hide] Events to Publish Later [224 Votes]: Learn how

New Custom Data Export Tool [214 Votes]: Learn how

We invite each of you to be a part of our process, our work, and our efforts. We want you to cheer, as we do, when a new feature is released. We want you to share in our vision of a completely integrated, cloud-based, swim team management solution that seamlessly allows you to work from home, office, the plane, the hotel, the pool, or wherever life takes you. 

We are committed to your success.


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