MainSet Testimonials: Q&A—How Has It Been Running Your Team With MainSet?

Apr 7, 2016 Andrew Herr

MainSet Testimonials: Q&A—How Has It Been Running Your Team With MainSet?


Todd Hoffmeier from Greater Tampa Swim Association has been a MainSet coach from the very beginning. He is innovative, enthusiastic and extremely passionate about his athlete's and staff's performance. More than that, he is always searching for ways to engage and excite his swimmers. We were lucky enough to have him share what his experience has been in running his team with MainSet.

Our team is 100% in and the coaches and kids are loving it. The kids are engaged and are now more accountable for their performances with the data we are recording and the videos we are sharing with them. I really have seen a difference in my swimmers since I started using MainSet.

I know this sounds like a selling pitch...but this software has wowed our swim team.

Todd, what difference you have seen in your swimmers?

When doing a test set the swimmers are visibly working harder now that the times are being recorded in MainSet. They love to find out their averages after the set is over and strive to beat their previous best result.

Our Junior team did a kick set the other night and it was unbelievable. We looked like we had some great kickers on the team; their effort was never this high in a kick set prior to MainSet. The energy was endless and my head coach was amazed. The kids kept asking how does it know how fast we are going as we called out their times. We keep the kids guessing...more fun for us coaches.


Can you provide some specifics of this and examples?

When watching a test set of 6x75, then 6x50, then 6x25 of middle school swimmers, we are now seeing non-stop kicking. Seeing this effort is remarkable and it confirms that these test sets truly now mean something to the kids.

I feel the kids are relating it to school when you are recording grades of a test. We let them know that they (swimmers, moms and dads) will be able to see their results. I haven't seen anyone sandbag a test set yet since incorporating the MainSet program.

Test Set Timing MainSet - Screen Shot

Todd, why do you feel the swimmers are more engaged and how are you seeing the further engagement?

Again, I think kids now know when they need to be accountable...especially this generation—they relate to technology. So when you tell kids that we are going to do a test set that's being recorded into MainSet, first off they know it's being documented and secondly they get to hear, see, and look back on their average—this is huge!

With test sets the swimmers feel the times are more accurately recorded. These kids are all trying to be better than others, all the time! They strive to be ranked higher than the other swimmers in the pool. The coach will always be the one to find ways to motivate the swimmers to be their best, and MainSet's technology is a real catalyst and tool to help motivate the kids—it's a coach's best friend.

We are truly seeing kids excited about test sets at all levels.

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