How likely would you be to recommend TeamUnify to a friend or colleague?

Jul 9, 2015 Tim LaRoche

How likely would you be to recommend TeamUnify to a friend or colleague?

Many companies from Walt Disney to Apple, John Deer to eBay all use a system called Net Promoter Score. This systems allows our users to give us feedback on the most essential part of our business, "How likely would you be to recommend TeamUnify to a friend or colleague?" Since July of 2014 we have been asking you to answer this question in a random sampling every 60 days.

We keep track of the scores and the comments, and use these to drive TeamUnify forward in a customer-centric manner. That way we know what you like or don't like and where we need to improve. Your ratings help us to know how we are doing over time. The majority of the time when we receive a lower rating the comment alludes to functionality the customer wishes the system had. Over 75% of the time, when our team reaches out on comments like this, we find that we are actually able to show the customer that the functionality does indeed exist!  When the conversation is over the customer walks away satisfied because they have learned how to do something new in the system. Most people think these comments are ignored, but not at TeamUnify; we take your input to heart. If the functionality truly does not exist we have a great forum for our community to vote on adding this particular function.

The average for NPS® floats around only 5 to 10 (Satmetrix Net Promoter Community). Many companies have negative Net Promoter Scores; however, with your ratings to date, we have a score of 35. This is great feedback, meaning that many TeamUnify users and administrators would recommend TeamUnify. But, we are always looking to improve. So, the next time you are asked to rate TeamUnify, please take a few minutes and let us know how you feel and why you gave us that rating.

NPS Rating Infographic

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