Import and Export Unlimited Cuts in TouchPad

Import and Export Unlimited Cuts in TouchPad

A/B/C/D/E Meets Now Possible!

TouchPad, TeamUnify's meet management software, has always had the ability to create meets with up to three levels of cut times. But what if you needed more than that? Moreover, what if you wanted to be able to easily use certain standards over and over? You now have the ability to not only create unlimited cuts, but to import and export them from meet to meet as well with the most recent update to TouchPad.

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Standards and Cuts Update:

Open the Events screen, then click Event Cut Times on the right. This will open the new Standards and Cuts screen.

Step 1: Enter Your Cut Names

First, choose in A if you want to group athletes in results by how their Seed Time or Final Time compares against the cut time(s).

Next, enter each cut name you want in B, such as AA or B.

Step 2: Choose Cuts Application

Check the boxes in C to indicate if you want the Standard displayed next to the swimmers’ results if they achieve it, if the cut is allowed to Score, and if it can Place to create award labels.

Step 3: Enter Cut Times

Now you will enter the cut times for each event in the D grid, such as 14382 for 1:43.82 (TouchPad automatically adds the punctuation).

Step 4: Import/Export Cuts

With the Import and Export buttons in E, you can still use the old text file format, or now import and export groups of cut times from any TouchPad meet into any other TouchPad meet in the new XML format using event characteristics not event number. To export cuts in XML format, check the box to the left of the desired cut(s) in the top grid C and then click Export Cuts. You can then Import those cuts into other meets. Note you can Print/Preview the cuts too.

Step 5: Print Results

When you print results, make sure to check the Cut Times check box to include them.

Make sure to read our TouchPad: Event Cut Times article for a complete description of this handy feature.

If you aren't currently using TouchPad to run your hosted meets, we encourage you to contact TeamUnify or visit our TouchPad site to learn more about this FREE meet management software and all its advantages.

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