Instagram Sharing Now Available in TeamFeed

Instagram Sharing Now Available in TeamFeed

We have some exciting news for all you Instagram lovers out there. OnDeck for iOS has just launched the ability to post to Instagram from TeamFeed. That means you can post to your team’s website, Facebook, and Instagram, all from one place.

Even better, if you are a #hashtag fanatic, TeamFeed will now render your hashtag as a link to go explore other great Tweets that use your tag. That’s right, I said Twitter. As I write this, our developers are working hard to implement Twitter sharing into TeamFeed. This is one of the first steps with that integration. It’s not ready quite yet, but keep on the lookout as we continue to expand the sharing capabilities of TeamFeed with each release.

With that in mind, you will now find your social sharing setting in a new location. Because of all the great sharing capabilities coming your way we needed a simple place to manage where and with whom you want to share your posts.


These settings will be saved from post to post, so all you have to do is set them up once and OnDeck will remember it from there on out. In the “Share To” area while creating a new post you will see a snapshot of your settings for that post. If you want to adjust them to share your post with a certain roster group, location or be private this time, tap “Share To:” and make your adjustments, then tap “DONE” to return to your post.


A quick note—Instagram isn’t the same as Facebook sharing. Your posts won’t automatically send to Instagram; you have to take one more step. Once you click "Post," TeamFeed will create your post for TeamFeed and Facebook, then take you to the Instagram App where you can adjust, add filters, and post it. This is the way Instagram is set up and we can’t change it. But we still think it is pretty nifty.

These are just a few of the great enhancements you will find when using TeamFeed in OnDeck for iOS. TeamFeed comes as a part of the SwimOffice Pro package and gives you access to these great communication tools, coaching tools, unlimited video sharing and custom branding for your team. We hope you enjoy this new functionality. Make sure you update to the most recent version of OnDeck in the App Store to access Instagram sharing! 

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