Introducing TouchPad Entry Manager - The Future of Meet Entries

Introducing TouchPad Entry Manager - The Future of Meet Entries

We are moving one step further in the process of solving real issues for meet hosts - importing and updating entries with the new Entry Manager. As a meet host, managing meet entries has long been a tedious, time-consuming process. That is all about to change!

When we set out to bring swim meet management software to our customers, it was a new path for TeamUnify. We have long understood the challenges of running a swim meet. With TouchPad we are able to make the process of running your swim meets - a highly important aspect of your business - seamless.

Running a swim meet should be as streamlined as possible, and with the great combination of Swim Office, OnDeck and TouchPad, it is.

Our vision of meet management has always meant FAR more than simply running your swim meet on race day. There are many complexities that go into a swim meet to ensure your races go smoothly on meet day - most happening days or weeks before the start of the first race.


We have worked hard to reinvent the concept of running a swim meet. Before now, little time had been that we are tackling with TouchPad.spent contemplating those hectic weeks that lead up to the meet. There are real challenges that impact your team, your meet directors, and your coaches for weeks prior to race day. These are the challenges 

First we reinvented the process of inviting teams to swim meets. What was once an arduous process that required file transfers, emails, replies, more emails, and more files in emails - now requires just a few clicks of your mouse.

Next, it was TouchPad’s seamless integration of meet results. To run a swim meet effectively, you have to provide meet results efficiently, quickly, and to as many people as possible. With this, weintegrated synced meet results directly into OnDeck for all your team’s parents to get results for their swimmers.

But that was not enough...we also knew we needed to provide the same results to everyone else. This is where came in. Seamlessly integrated with your TouchPad swim meet, and your team’s website, delivers synced results to any web-browser - desktop or mobile - as soon as those results are synced by you.

Touchpad-Live-Devices-1With our groundbreaking Entry Manager interface, you can now view details about your meet entries in advance of actually importing them. View exceptions, review changes to seed times, preview your timeline before you commit a single new or updated entry to your meet, enforce qualifying times, overwrite existing entries for a team, or do not import NT entries. It is up to you.


TouchPad Entry Manager is the future of meet entries, and it is available to users of TouchPad today. The future of meet management is here!

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