Lesson's Registration Reinvented

Lesson's Registration Reinvented

We are excited to announce that TULessons has received a brand new registration interface. Now more intuitive than ever, this new user experience will help streamline your sign up process while helping your team capture more registrations. Simplified and optimized for mobile devices, families will now be able to find, filter and sign up for your lessons programs with ease on any device.

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For teams and families who have been using TULessons, other than an overall simplification, you will see a few changes that we want to point out.

One of the changes you might notice is that the Program buttons are gone; they are now simple text and always expanded with a customizable colored underline. We switched the text color to black to ensure visibility. Feel free to edit the text to change its size (click Edit), and delete any "click here" verbiage since it is no longer needed. You may also edit the underline colors.



Another new area you will see—the subprogram tabs are now full-width buttons, similar to what the Program buttons used to look like. We did it this way because some of our users have a LOT of subprograms, and we wanted to make sure they work well when resized on a smart phone.


Once you click open a subprogram, we think you will find the class listings to be much more readable and user friendly, with nice big green Register buttons.

As a result, you will likely need to revise your signup instructions. You may find you hardly need them anymore it's so simple, but here are some suggested instructions to use on your Lessons title page.

  1. You may use the Program and Location Filters above to narrow down your choices.
  2. Under the desired Program header, click the desired Subprogram button to expand it.
  3. If there are Session and Class Filters, you may use those to further narrow down your choices.
  4. Click the green Register button under the class of your choice and follow the prompts.
  5. Repeat process to add multiple students to the same registration/shopping cart.

We are excited to release this new functionality into our teams' hands. With better filtering, easier access to lessons scheduling and a cart inspired lesson sign up, we know your families will enjoy this new system. If you are not yet using the TULessons system, email info@teamunify.com and we will connect you with a lessons expert.

See our Edit Lessons registration page components article for more info. Click the red question mark in the lower right corner of your site if you have any questions.

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