MainSet Amazed at ASCA

Sep 23, 2015 Andrew Herr

MainSet Amazed at ASCA

“Amazed” is the only word we can use to describe how we feel about the reviews and input we received about MainSet from the coaches at the ASCA World Clinic in Cleveland, OH this year. Without a doubt, we felt the excitement! We cannot wait to get MainSet into coaches hands to see how they will use it to create, track, record and share practices and workouts.

Tom Training a Coach

For the last 14 months here at TeamUnify we have been designing, building, testing, and planning our new practice management software: MainSet. The World Clinic was the perfect gathering for us to showcase this new toolkit for coaches ASCA World Clinic Cleveland, OHthat will launch late this fall. 

The show in Cleveland brought many faces, new and old, to our booth. Responses were overwhelmingly positive. Coaches were leaning in for more and after every demonstration we heard coaches engaging with each other and planning. Ready to take this application home and make it their own.

Features topping the interest list are integrated and stopwatch-free test set recording and tracking, easy-to-use practice creation and management, and unlimited video recording. The excitment proved even further that what we have created with MainSet is a never before seen set of tools for coaches. 

Coaches who were interested in taking a deeper look took time at the clinic to join us on Thursday and Friday evenings for Brew and Tech Talks where we gave in-depth demonstrations of MainSet and complimentary Deschutes Brewery beer. We were delighted by the amount of coaches who joined in. These two talks showed off MainSet’s features and how it will help an entire coaching staff plan, run, and share practices and workouts. The coaches had plenty of questions and ideas that helped us reflect on the last 14 months of production and sure up our features list.

Training with Jessica PassageAt the end of the events, we were bombarded by coaches telling us that with this application they are now ready to put down their pen and paper. From what we heard, MainSet is going to be the new standard for coaches. With MainSet's ability to help coaches plan, build, run, track, record and share practice information like never before, we are going to see coaches driving swimmer performance to a whole new level.

In an email recently, ASCA’s John Lenard, himself, told us that he heard many coaches at the clinic discussing how enthusiastic they are about MainSet. We cannot wait for you to get your hands on it!

If you would like more information on MainSet, Tools that Elevate Coaching Performance, please visit for a feature set, pricing and much more!



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