MainSet's Coaching Tools Now Available for Android Devices

MainSet's Coaching Tools Now Available for Android Devices

Since its launch, MainSet, TeamUnify's online coaching toolkit, has been accessible by an iOS and online web app at This covered roughly 80% of all users on the TeamUnify platform. We had plans to build the MainSet toolkit for Android users and we are proud to announce it's time. Android users rejoice! MainSet coaching tools are now available for you. However, it may not be where you expect it. 

We have made a big decision to fold our two powerful applications, OnDeck and MainSet, into one place, OnDeck. This will begin slowly and then become more prevalent with future releases of OnDeck. Our first step in this direction is on the Android platform where users will now have access to some MainSet features inside OnDeck. Here is what the first version will include for teams with a MainSet subscription or who are on the SwimOffice PRO platform. To start, this is just for Android devices, but this will also be coming for iOS (Apple) users.

MainSet menu in OnDeck


Take Attendance
This is the first default tab selected at the top. You will now see any MainSet practices listed in this module. Tap one to take attendance. TeamUnify recommends always taking attendance this way, as you gain all the rich benefits that MainSet offers.

Take MainSet attendance
Select swimmer(s) for options

New Attendance
The second tab allows you to take traditional OnDeck attendance, as opposed to MainSet attendance. Tap a Roster to take attendance for everyone in it.
New OnDeck attendance

Attendance History
The third tab shows all past attendance, both taken in MainSet and OnDeck. Tap an attendance row to see its details.
Attendance History

Workout & Practice

Practice Management
View practices and take attendance. Tap a practice to view it, then tap Additional Details to access the Take Attendance button.

Tap a practice to view
Tap Additional Details to take attendance

View workouts (MY W/O tab), sets (MY SETS tab), and add workouts to your library from the Community Workout Library (W/O LIBRARY tab).

Tap a workout to view


Video Producer

View MainSet videos uploaded by you (My Videos) and others (Video Library).
Select video category to view


Note: Parents/non-admins can view all of this as well, but of course cannot take attendance or add workouts from the Community Workout Library.


We are excited to say that more and more will be coming for both Android and iOS users in OnDeck. Stay tuned as we add more and more MainSet functionality to OnDeck!

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