Look no Further for Multi-Athlete Discounts for Membership Dues

Aug 25, 2014 Dan Drum

Look no Further for Multi-Athlete Discounts for Membership Dues

August is one of the busiest months of the year here at TeamUnify. Registrations are coming into full swing across the country, and many teams like yours are activating the recurring billing system.  To put this into perspective, on average, we will activate 20 new billing systems each month but during August over 100 billing systems will be activated in preparation for the short course season. This, of course, means that the questions around best practices increase as well.

The most popular questions are usually around multi-swimmer discounts. But why is a multi-swimmer discount important to you? The answer will be different for every team but here are just a few:

  • It can be easier to recruit an additional swimmer onto your team from an existing family than a new family.
  • Families with multiple swimmers may be more engaged. This might mean more commitments to helping at meets, with donations, and anything else team related.
  • Families have come to expect discounts. Businesses like Costco, Sam's Club, Amazon.com are good examples of successful businesses that give discounts or bulk discounts.
  • Appreciation. Families simply appreciate being "thanked" with a discount for the commitment of their family to your program.

Once you determine why you should offer a multi-athlete discount, TeamUnify has you covered by giving you the ability to enable three different types of multi-athlete discounts in the billing system.

Multi Athlete Discounts for Dues


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