Multiple Filters? Customized Viewable Information? Absolutely!

May 8, 2014 TeamUnify

Multiple Filters? Customized Viewable Information? Absolutely!

Did you know that TeamUnify's new User Interface for Account Member Admin allows multiple filter selections to give you exactly the information you need in SwimOffice? Not possible you say?  Our engineers have implemented such a powerful filter function that you’ll only see what you want to see. 

Customize it and you’ll view only the columns of information important to your position. Save this search and everytime you log in you can pull that information up again. Sort it and it’s in the order that makes the most sense to you. Export it and your spreadsheet only has the information you need. Simon, our lead engineer on this project, is finally allowed out of the office and back into his white water kayak after doing such an amazing job...well after 5 pm of course. 


New AMA Customized Views and Search
To learn more about Account Member Admin, watch our new video:




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