Now Available: Posting From TeamFeed Web

Now Available: Posting From TeamFeed Web

We are proud to announce that you can now add, edit and delete TeamFeed posts directly from your team's website!

In 2017, we launched TeamFeed, a private social feed to teams using SwimOffice PRO. With TeamFeed, coaches and administrators can share compelling and engaging posts both on the private social feed or to their favorite social media platforms, all from one place.

"TheTeamFeed function allows us to easily kill two birds with one stone: Share information through social media and simultaneously post it on the web...all of it reaching our target audience easily and in the way THEY WANT TO GET IT...Read More"

Christian Bahr | Aquatics Director | Ensworth School


With this new update, administrators and coaches can post updates containing photos, videos, practices and ScrapBooks right within your TeamUnify website. This means it's now easier than ever to communicate and engage with your team.

If you are on the SwimOffice PRO platform, you can now click TeamFeed in the sidebar menu. Once on the TeamFeed page, you will now see a picture of yourself at the top of the page and a box that says "...Share something with your team".

Just click in the box to start sharing—type your message, choose your audience, connect to your social profiles, and add your attachments. Click Post and your message is shared just the way you want.

A quick note—if you only want to share with your team's rosters or locations privately you cannot share publicly to Twitter and Facebook. This is to ensure that teams who want to keep their posts private behind a login can do so. If you are looking to share to your social media sites, you will also share with your entire team on TeamFeed.

Share with Groups - TeamFeed
Share to TeamFeed and Social

Note: Instagram sharing is not available on the web. Instagram does not allow posting from a desktop at this time.

Also now available is the option to Edit, Share, or Delete posts. You now have more control than ever to keep your message up-to-date the way you choose. As a Super User admin, you have the ability to edit and delete any post. But if that post is set as private, you will not have the option to share the post or get the link. Keeping your private posts just that—private.

TeamFeed by TeamUnify

We hope you enjoy the new features and if you have not yet seen a demo of SwimOffice PRO, it's never been a better time. You can learn more about SwimOffice PRO here.


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