Old Way vs. New Way for Job Signups | New Way Wins BIG!

Old Way vs. New Way for Job Signups | New Way Wins BIG!

The other day I overheard a colleague, who is a volunteer on a swim team talking about how she convinced the Head Coach to let her use the Online Job Signup system within SwimOffice by TeamUnify.

Check out Kory’s experience, I bet you can relate:

After some convincing with the coach Kory received the go ahead to get the jobs filled for a meet that was 10 days away! Up until this point the coach had been begging people to sign up for jobs and help but zero jobs were committed to on the sign up sheet at the pool.

In a matter of time, Kory had the jobs set up on her team’s site and an email was sent out to all of the members with instructions on how to sign up for jobs. Within 2 hours, 75% of the jobs were filled, and by the next morning ALL the jobs had been filled.

In the morning, less than 12 hours from when Kory got the go ahead to set up the jobs, she sent the coach a text message letting him know the jobs were full. The coach responded with amazement and he was ever so grateful for having this taken off of his shoulders.

This team will definitely be using SwimOffice and the OnDeck mobile software for job signups from now on to make volunteer management a breeze.

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