OnDeck for Android Updated with Even More Coaching Tools!

OnDeck for Android Updated with Even More Coaching Tools!

OnDeck for Android has received a big update and we can't wait for you to check it out. Our coaching toolkit, formerly MainSet and now a part of the SwimOffice Pro platform, has more tools available than ever inside OnDeck for Android devices. Make sure to update to the most recent Google Play Store version of OnDeck to access all the great updates!

Here is what you will find in the most recent update:

Publish TeamFeed posts to Facebook

Social sharing is huge for teams. Now in Android you can share any TeamFeed post directly to your team's Facebook page. It takes about three steps to set up. Then share any post, video, or update directly to Facebook, with no extra steps.

Note: Twitter and Instagram are coming soon!

OnDeck Android Facebook Share

Create and Edit Practices

In July, OnDeck for Android got its first push of coaching tools, including the Calendar and the ability to take attendance. With the most recent update you can now create practices. You can even create a repeating set of practices to schedule out the entire season!

Create a Practice in OnDeck Android

Add Workouts to Practices

Now that you can create practices and workouts, we had to make a way for them to talk. With the most recent update you can also take those workouts you created and assign them to practices right in the Practice Calendar in OnDeck.

Add a Workout to a Practice in OnDeck Android

Video Producer

You can now import, record and upload videos on your Android device. Tag swimmers, roster groups, practices, meets and more with unlimited cloud storage of your team's videos. It has never been easier to record and share with your team. Parents and swimmers can then watch the videos in OnDeck or on the web in SwimOffice. Navigate to the Video Producer tab under Coaching Tools to try it out in OnDeck.

Video Producer in OnDeck Android


Available with TeamFeed, you can now create ScrapBooks both as a TeamFeed post or within a practice in the practice calendar.

Note: ScrapBooks created within a practice allow you to share via email with roster groups or the whole team!

Scrapbook Creation in OnDeck Android

Keep your eyes out as we continue to add more and more features to the OnDeck and the SwimOffice Pro platform. If you are not yet a SwimOffice Pro customer, let us show you around this powerful coaching, video, and branding toolkit in a live one-on-one demo.

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