OnDeck Navigation Tips & Tricks

OnDeck Navigation Tips & Tricks

OnDeck is an extremely powerful tool for swim team administrators, coaches and parents alike. It gives you complete access to your swim team's information, all on a mobile device. From best times and time standards, to meet declarations and volunteer job sign-ups, this application is a must have in swimming and we want to show you a few tips to make your experience even better.

Once you have logged in using the same email and password you use to login to your team site, you will open up to either your account view or TeamFeed (if you are a SwimOffice Pro user), but, it does always have to open here. You can set which page you open to by opening the menu and simply long pressing then dragging that menu item to the top. How easy was that? Here are a few other navigation tips...

Navigation Tips


OnDeck Menu Editing

    • Tap or Swipe right to access the Menu
    • Tap Up/Down Arrow to expand the Menu
    • Long press and drag to rearrange Menu items

Note: The top Menu item will be your home screen at login.

Once you open the menu bar you can see that we have really packed a huge amount of features into OnDeck. We did this so you can access all of the great SwimOffice tools on-the-go. With all of these tools and team information on a smaller screen, some of them needed a new user interface to interact with them while viewing your team's data. With that in mind, there area a few areas you can customize to make OnDeck show you the data you want to see.

Filters & Sorting Views



  • Tap top check box to Select All
  • Tap header check box to Select All in section
  • Tap individual check box to toggle a single selection
  • On tap editing options with appear at the bottom


  • Tap  Filter to set a new filter
  • Tap  ADD NEW FILTER to add a new filter or to edit a filter
  • Default filters automatically include Active accounts
  • Add filter fields and status' then name the filter
  • Tap Save
  • An active filter shows  Filter in blue
Note: These filters will save across OnDeck from one mobile device to another as long as you use the same login. The filter you leave a page on is the filter you will return to.


  • Tap to choose a sort criteria
  • Tap the sort criteria
  • Tap Save

Note: In most places in OnDeck your sorting selection will be saved. 

Expand & Collapse

  • Tap UP/DOWN arrows will collapse and expand all buckets
  • Tap a group header to collapse or expand the section


  • In certain areas if you tap the  and extra settings will become available
  • Select your settings, then either tap SAVE or DONE
  • These settings will be saved and available when you login with your associated user name and password

As you might have noticed, there there are a lot of resources available in OnDeck. Go ahead, take a look around, expand times, click on results, play with the cool tools, declare for your next meet, or even do your meet entries as a coach.

If you haven't yet downloaded the OnDeck application, you can do so here and get started today!

Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge.svg.pngDownload on the Google Play Store

We hope you enjoy using OnDeck, and if you need any help we have a complete walk through at TU University for both Parents and Administrators. OnDeck is available for TeamUnify customers with a valid login. If you would like to learn more about becoming a TeamUnify customer, visit our home page and explore why we are the world leader in swim team management.

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