Parents and Non-Admins Can Commit to Meets and Events in OnDeck

Parents and Non-Admins Can Commit to Meets and Events in OnDeck

In the most recent release of OnDeck, we are excited to announce that, not only can parents and non-admins commit their athletes to meets, but they can also commit them to Yes/No events!

Parents are using smart phones more and more to interact with your team. Right now on average, we have over 4,500 parents using OnDeck each day with over 7,000 sessions. That is a huge number of swim parents using OnDeck.

We have simplified the process of meet entries and declarations for parents in OnDeck. With the growing user base, we think your parents are going to love how easy this makes the meet entry process.

As you might know, there are three kinds of events in the SwimOffice system and the process is almost identical for each—Yes/No Events, Commit by Session and Commit by Event.

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Depending on the event, they will tap RSVP next to a Yes/No Event, or DECLARE or EDIT COMMITMENT by a swim meet.

From there they select an athlete, select Yes or No if they will attend, enter any notes, and if this is a meet commitment, select the days/sessions or events in the meet. It's that simple for parents. They can always come back later and change their commitment.


Also, if you haven't yet gotten the chance to see the administrator/coach side, make sure to look into the awesome new tools we have created for managing your event entries.

We encourage you to share these new feature with your parents. Here is a great article that walks parents through how to declare via OnDeck - OnDeck: Declare/commit/sign up for upcoming meets/events. Remember it is really easy to use your TeamUnify site to communicate with your membership you can even send them an invite to OnDeck. Check out this article to learn more about communication at TeamUnify.

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