Parents Now Have Mobile-Friendly Account Screens

Sep 28, 2015 Randy Dod

Parents Now Have Mobile-Friendly Account Screens

Here at TeamUnify we understand the need of mobile access to your team's site. Admins have enjoyed our updated Account/Member Admin screens for several months. Now, parents will enjoy the same screens that are mobile-friendly. Keep on the lookout later this fall for other great mobile-friendly improvements coming in the new release of OnDeck.

These new mobile-friendly screens can be accessed from the following areas:

My Account > My Account (displays the Account tab)
My Account > Setup Auto Pay (displays the Payment Setup tab)


Parent edits Account in SwimOffice

On a mobile device the screens responsively resize to fit their screen. They can access the other tabs by tapping the “hamburger” menu icon in the upper left.


SwimOffice Account screen on Android

Admins will also see updated screens in these additional areas.

  • Team Admin > Lesson Admin > Acnts/Revenue > click name (Swim Lessons tab)
  • Billing Admin > Invoices & Payments > click name (Payment Setup tab)
  • In an event where an athlete has an no swimmer ID, on the Committed Athletes tab > click Fix USS#


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