Learn How To Raise More From Your Next Fundraiser

Learn How To Raise More From Your Next Fundraiser

Before the Golden Comets started using the TUMoney Event Fundraising Module, they averaged $3,800 per fundraising event doing it the "manual, time-consuming way". It took only one year of using the Event Fundraising System to realize the benefits - to the tune of $17,417 and it didn't stop there! They raised over $20,000 in their second year!

It's been inspiring and fun to see the progression and the excitement as they exceeded their expectations. TUMoney Event Fundraising proves time and time again that the more it's used to its full capacity, the greater the final outcome can be. I feel fortunate to be part of the Comet’s fundraising success as it contributes directly to their growth as a team.

"Our Swim-a-Thon fundraiser revenue increased significantly over last year with no extra effort on our part by utilizing the TeamUnify fundraising platform! This online technology has totally changed our thinking in terms of club management and has opened our minds to new fundraising opportunities within our club. We definitely plan on using the TeamUnify platform for our Swim-a-Thon next year!"

Tim Dubios - Head Coach, Golden Comets Swim Club

Your team can raise more too! Learn more by watching our latest TUMoney Event Fundraising video.


Raise More From Your Fundraiser Than Ever Before

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