A Recap of YMCA Short Course Nationals

Apr 10, 2015 Andrew Herr

A Recap of YMCA Short Course Nationals

This past week the TeamUnify crew descended upon Greensboro, North Carolina to attend the YMCA Short Course National Championships.

Finals at Short Course Nationals in Greensboro, North Carolina


Here is a quick snapshot of the week:

  • We spent our days connecting with YMCA coaches and staff, some that already use the Teamunify software suite and some that are new to TeamUnify. These relationships are what power TeamUnify, and we are appreciative of having the ability to spend time with our coaches, administrators, and admirers in person.
  • We watched some incredible swimming by all of the YMCA athletes. Records, best times, and more - the excitement surrounding championship swimming is always at a fever pitch, and we too get caught up in it. Fast swimming is contagious!
  • We began previewing the new YMCA Registration Portal that will be powered by TeamUnify. Starting soon all coach registration, team registration, and meet sanctions will occur within the TeamUnify platform. We are excited by the efficiencies that will be created by this new functionality for all YMCAs, administrators, and coaches. The new portal will be tightly integrated with TeamUnify’s SwimOffice providing even greater productivity for existing TeamUnify customers.

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In retrospect the week was a success and we were able to connect with YMCA teams from all over the United States. Hats off to the YMCA of the USA for, once again, producing an incredible event for all in attendance. It was a great week in Greensboro and we are looking forward to our growing partnership with YMCA Competitive Swimming and Diving.

We want to say a big thanks to all those coaches and adminstrators for stoping by. We love working with you. Learn more about our partnership with the YMCA of the USA!

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