Your Team's New Communication Hub - ScrapBook and TeamFeed

Your Team's New Communication Hub - ScrapBook and TeamFeed

Announcing the next big thing for your team! TeamUnify is about to release a brand new communication hub for your team and we call it ScrapBook and TeamFeed.

Are you ready to connect with your team like never before? With TeamFeed, your coaches and administrators will be able to share compelling and engaging posts with families, swimmers, even grandparents. Even better, TeamFeed will be available where they already visit your team—in the OnDeck application or on your Team's website. There is nothing new to learn! The new TeamUnify TeamFeed centralizes the way you communicate everything going on with your team in one simple-to-use place. It's amazing!

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Taking TeamFeed to the next level, ScrapBook is the next generation of practice management. Allowing coaches to capture and share all the hard work and fun that happens throughout the season at your team's practices. ScrapBook gives coaches the ability to create stunning collages of practices with pictures, videos, notes, workouts and more, right within the practices you already run in MainSet.


Once published, ScrapBooks will be available in your TeamFeed and in each practice's attendance history. With these new features, parents will be able to experience practices and meets like they were there. Keeping them more engaged and on the team longer because they will feel more connected.

These new tools are going to change the way your team communicates forever, and we can't wait to share them with you! Currently these features are in BETA and will be available in the beginning of July as part of the SwimOffice Pro package or to anyone using the MainSet platform. Come see a demo today to see how TeamUnify is helping you share the FUN in swimming like never before.


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